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Build a Bundle

 Craft Your Perfect Valentine's Day Cigar Experience! Build-A-Bundle Now Available!

This Valentine's Day, create a celebration as unique as your love story with our Build-A-Cigar-Bundle!  Choose from our premium selection to tailor an unforgettable experience.

 How to Build Your Bundle:

 Select your favorite cigars from our handpicked collection.

 Enhance the ambiance with our curated selection of accessories.

 Or, let our tobacconist create the perfect bundle based on your dollar amount and use one of our cigar boxes

We'll throw in a 2 for 1 token to Mandan's very own Silver Dollar Bar 

 Why Choose Our Build-A-Bundle?

Personalize your celebration with cigars that match your taste.

Quality cigars for a memorable smoking experience.

Limited edition accessories to add a special touch.

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