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Cigar Lounge Bill

North Dakota 2023 Legislative session has started. Have you contacted your represtatives to let them know you want them to introduce and support a cigar lounge bill? No more complaining about the lack of lounges in our state.

** If you truly want this to happen ACT NOW! **

Call, email, write your representatives and let them know you want the previous sessions bill, HB No. 1152, to be introduced again. How do find out who your representative is and how to contact them? EASY. Go to @ Under the "legislative assembly" tab is "contact information"

To be listened by our representatives, we need to band (small pun there) together. Our request will be noticed by a larger, unified voice.

No need to get in to a lengthy email or call to your rep. Just let them know you want them to introduct and support a cigar lounge bill. Easy.

Share this email to all your BOTL and SOTL. And......go!

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