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First Reading of Mandan Cigar Lounge Bill

Fellow cigar smokers. Last night's commission approval was step one in approving the municipal code to allow cigar lounges in Mandan. Second reading/approval will be September 19, 5:30PM at Mandan City Hall. Let the Commissioners know you support and want cigar lounges in Mandan by ATTENDING this meeting. Strength in numbers!


MANDAN, N.D. (KFYR) – Mandan City Commissioners approved a first consideration ordinance for cigar lounges Tuesday evening.

In a meeting earlier this summer, commissioners began discussing cigar lounges and what ordinances would look like.

In Tuesday’s meeting, commissioners passed Ordinance 1432, which outlines what a tobacco license for cigar lounges would entail. The ordinance includes an indoor-only lounge which would need consent from tenants in a multi-business building.

License requests will also be sent to the City Commission for final say.

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