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HB 1229

Hoping to see some fellow BOTL/SOTL at the hearing tomorrow.

(KXNET) — This week, supporters of a cigar lounge bill in the legislature will try once again to get it passed through the Senate.

House lawmakers already approved House Bill 1229, which legalizes cigar lounges in the state.

Wednesday afternoon, the senate industry and business committee will spark up the issue.

Josette Dupree, owner of Big Stick Cigars in Mandan, plans to testify on the matter.

If passed, the bill spells out what’s required for business owners, including installing a humidor, solid walls, and a ventilation system. It also only allows for smoking of cigars, no cigarettes, pipes, or vapes.

“Even if the state does pass a cigar lounge bill, city to city, a city could say, we don’t want this. So, it’s not going to be a big, ‘Whoo hoo, we passed it this session!’ It’s going to be a battle from city to city,” Dupree said.

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