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ND Cigar Lounge Bill

ND Legislative session starts on 1/3/23. Many attempts to pass a cigar lounge bill have been presented. Last session was close to passing as it passed in the House and failed by one, yes one!, vote in the Senate. The wheels are in motion for this next session. If you want a cigar lounge bill to pass you need to be active in the presentation of the bill - now!

What do you need to do? Start by contacting you legislative represenatives. We live in the BEST state. You can call, write, email or even meet with your representatives. If representatives don't hear from you, why should they act. How do you find out who your rep is and how to reach them? Go to @ Under the "legislative assembly" tab is "contact information". Let our representative know we want cigar lounges in ND. Thank you BOTL and SOTL!!

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