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Plume, also referred to as Bloom, is a powdery white dust found on the surface of your cigar. Plume forms when a perfectly-aged cigar exudes oils from the filler, binder, and wrapper. These oils crystalize on the wrapper creating a hazy light ashy powder. Plume can take months or even years to form. Cigars that have the foggy, hazy, plume are usually the ones packed in cellophane. Naked cigars often acquire crystalline greyish sparkly specks that generally cover the entire cigar with higher concentration of specks along the veins of the wrapper.

Plume is excellent to have on your cigars. It indicates a perfect cigar and a well-maintained humidor. When your cigars acquire plume, this is the optimal time to sit back and have a smoke. Even though bloom does not improve the taste of your cigar, it just feels great to smoke a stogie at its optimal state.

Not all cigars are capable of developing plume. So, if you don’t find plume on your stogies there is no need to worry. Plume is common on stogies with oilier wrappers like Maduro. #bigstickcigarsnd #northdakotacigar #northdakotacigarlife

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