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Redevelopment of downtown Mandan's alleys

Together, let's make downtown Mandan a destination we're proud to call our own! #DowntownMandan #CommunityPride #SupportLocal"

 Thank you to everyone who joined us for the first community meeting to share ideas on the redevelopment of downtown Mandan's alleys!

This evening, local businesses and community leaders came together in an inspiring display of collaboration and creativity. We shared visions and practical ideas on transforming our downtown alleys into vibrant, engaging public spaces that reflect the unique spirit of Mandan.

A big shoutout to everyone who contributed their thoughts on art installations, murals, lighting, and more. It's exciting to see such enthusiasm and commitment to enhancing our city's charm and functionality.

Stay tuned for updates as we take these ideas forward. We're just getting started, and your involvement is crucial to making these visions a reality. Let's continue to work together to make Mandan a better place for everyone!

Special thanks to Central Station Bar and Events for hosting this round table discussion!

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