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RP Dark Star

NEW STICK ALERT: Rocky Patel Dark Star

Enveloped in a rich Corojo wrapper from Honduras, the Dark Star captivates with flawless construction and a dark, glistening appearance. Its milk chocolate-brown wrapper hints at the bold and enticing flavors that await. The blend features premium Nicaraguan, Honduras & Paraguay fillers selected for complexity and depth, unraveling layers of flavor with every draw. From tantalizing spice to dark chocolate, espresso, and subtle hints of dried fruit, the Dark Star offers a symphony of flavors that keep the palate engaged and intrigued.

Due to its lingering sweetness and layers of complexity, the cigar maintains a balanced medium-bodied strength, allowing for a leisurely pace and a satisfying smoking experience. The Dark Star by Rocky Patel is a testament to blending expertise and a passion for perfection, inviting smokers on a stellar sensory journey.

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