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  · Deadwood, SD  ·

As hard as it is to say, after 14 ½ years on this planet, Valentino has left us. One day he was barking and happy and the next day he was gone.

As some of you know we rescued Valentino, his siblings and parents from Bakersfield, CA in July 2009. After rescuing the family we took them to Linda Blair and her rescue. Six months later she stop by to see me and had a present for me. It was Valentino.

As loving as Valentino was, his nickname was sniper. He loved to run behind you and nip you in the butt and run away. During filming Pit Boss he would give the production crew a run for their money, he was like a Ninja until the day he passed away.

Even though he loved the workers and caretakers and they would play all the time, once he was in my bedroom, he would not allow anyone into my room if I was there. He was best friends with Ares, Francis and Calypso. Before that it was Hercules and Bebí.

Valentino thank you for giving me 14 ½ years with you. You were my best friend and my protector. You entertained us all with your antics and your love for us will always be cherished. You were one of two last family members that entertained millions on Pit Boss that was alive. Now only Athena is the last living family member that was on Pit Boss. Hercules, Bebí, Mussolini, Geisha, Dominico and now you are gone but you guys are never forgotten. All of you not only entertained people from around the world, all of you also changed peoples mind of your breed from Argentina to Canada to England to Australia to Africa and so on.

We will continue to rescue, rehabilitate, adopt, and fight for your breed in your name as well as everyone else.

May you rest in peace, tell everyone I said hello and miss every one of them. I may have a broken heart now, but I will be ok. I love you Valentino.

In his memory you can make a donation to Shorty's Rescue, Inc. for our next clinic.

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